Umpqua Valley Hemp

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About Umpqua Valley Hemp

A farm-to-table hemp company offering artisan CBD goods made with ingredients grown on our farms in Oregon. These herbal remedies offer high quality, at fair prices.

Hemp Flower Teas are blended to perfection suiting the needs of unique wellness goals. Peace Tea is calming, Seize the Day is invigorating, Bloom for women’s wellness, and CannaDefense to aide in immune support. Balanced flavors dance on the tongue with supportive herbs working in synergy.

Daytime and Nightime Full Spectrum Hemp Drops are some of the most powerful available, providing a true therapeutic experience. Daytime is a CBG:CBD blend that aides exercise recovery and improves focus. Nightime is potent in CBD, which helps promote healthy sleep cycles, relax the mind, and relieve discomfort. The duo used together help daily balance and wellbeing. Both contain live terpenes and the option of cold pressed herbs for flavor; these drops are smooth and delightful.

Delta 8 Gummies come in Strawberry, Watermelon, Peach, and Pineapple-Mango natural flavors, two potency levels, and are vegan-friendly. Discover the benefits this novel cannabinoid provides: mood enhancement, restful sleep, and relief from body aches. Available in select states only.

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