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What is Upgraid?

Upgraid is a category-creating proactive health and wellness company committed to helping people feel their best without the use of synthetic chemicals. We combine the best of science with the best of nature to create safe and effective plant-based supplements:

Perform: Daily Inflammation:

Science and nature have been combined to create the most potent, fully organic supplement to combat daily inflammation. The first of its kind, Upgraid’s Perform: Daily Inflammation is a proprietary blend consisting of turmeric, ashwagandha, tart cherry, and ginger root, formulated to work together to return your body to a healthy state of inflammation, all achieved without synthetic chemicals.

Control: Glucose

Now, with our second product, you can manage and ultimately control the unpredictability of blood glucose peaks and valleys* with Upgraid’s plant-based supplement, Control: Glucose. Upgraid’s Control: Glucose contains a unique blend of clinically tested ingredients including Chromium, Salacia, Amla Extract, and Shilajit to moderate the peaks and valleys of your blood sugar, while balancing your energy and mood.

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