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Warren’s Wax is a veteran owned small business located in Fresno, Ohio that makes natural skin care and food safe products in eco-friendly packaging. Our mission is to provide a high quality product that creates the least amount of waste. That is why our products are packaged in biodegradable wax-lined tubes or glass jars, we do not use plastic. The highlight of our product line is the biodegradable tubes that many of our products come in. These eye-catching tubes are durable enough to withstand rugged and even damp conditions, and are the perfect alternative to standard plastic tubes —especially with lip balm. Likewise, all the ingredients used in our products are 100% pure and natural, there are no alcohols, glycerin, dyes, or inadequate oils commonly used by other manufacturers to make production cheaper and easier. Instead, our products are made with yellow beeswax, natural butters, and various different oils, none of which are considered to be common allergens.

For our skin care line, we offer Lip Balm, Hand Balm, Foot Stick, Shower Balm, and Bug Stick. The Lip Balm, Foot Stick, and Bug Stick come in a biodegradable tube that pushes up from the bottom. The Hand Balm comes in a similar container, but has a fixed bottom. And Shower Balm come in a glass jar. We offer Lip Balm in a standard size .2oz tube in Unscented, Strawberry & Honey, Black Cherry & Hibiscus, and Espresso. The Foot Stick comes in a 3 oz tube and contains lemongrass essential oil to help heal and prevent foot fungus, including athletes foot. Our Hand Balm is unscented, as well as Shower Balm. Hand Balm quickly absorbs into the skin relieving dryness, while also creating a barrier that protects your hands throughout the day. And Shower Balm is a whole body balm designed for use in or immediately after showering. Finally, Bug Stick is a natural bug repellant that rubs on to your skin or clothing that’s made with various essential oils to repel ticks and mosquitoes. It comes in a .5oz tube. Because the Bug Stick was designed for the outdoors, it is 100% environmentally safe and biodegradable. The tube, ingredients, label, and even ink are environmentally safe and will break down quickly.

Our food safe line contains just one product, Kitchen Balm. It is a wood, steel, and leather protectant made with beeswax and food grade white mineral oil. The white mineral oil is USDA approved as a food safe lubricating oil for food processing equipment, and the beeswax is naturally antimicrobial. Together, these ingredients nourish, seal, and protect cutting boards and other items making them last longer, look great, and easier to clean. Kitchen Balm was designed to seal and protect cutting boards, kitchen knives, and food processing equipment, but it can be used on many things outside the kitchen as well. For instance, it makes a great furniture polish (especially for antiques) as well as a leather polish and waterproofing agent.

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