Hot Merchandising Trends

With technological advances in many industries business has got new trends. Every year, many independent businesses adopt new trends and become the trendsetter in their industries. With the e-commerce booming these days, merchandising trends are mostly about making an attractive and striking online ad that will compel the retailers to must buy the product. Let’s have a look at the hot merchandising trends.

  1. Social-Friendly Businesses

It would not be wrong to say that it is the age of social media. Everything is available online no matter what type of business you are operating. Independent businesses as well as companies are using the social media platforms to merchandise their products. Plenty of people use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter around the globe and they are the followers of many brand companies.  Facebook alone influence millions of people around the world through online merchandising. So, it is necessary to be a part of social media merchandising in a business as it is the hottest merchandising trends. People need more than the brick and mortar lavish stores as they want something they can share with their social circles. Compelling and colorful online ads could be the way to reach millions of people via social media.

  1. Multi-purpose Lighting

According to a research, multi-purpose lighting drives the customers 25 % more to make the unplanned purchase. It seems strange but it is very true. People tend to shop where there is a comforting lighting vibe. The multi-purpose lighting is in the hot trends of merchandise as of colorful 2018 leading into 2019.  Lighting can be used colorful for multi-purposes according to the compartments of store as well as according to the events, or weather. Typically the warm or more yellow lighting is considered appropriate these days but if you are in different business like retail, grocery, or makeup then white lights do the magic of refining things in the crowd. Multi-colors lighting is also used in many places like in toy shops or in the playing areas.

  1. Interactive Ways of Digital Marketing

People are opting for smarter ways to interact with their customers through digital marketing. There is a long range of smart things you can do. It will be fun, smart, and intellectual. So, the hi-fi clothing brands are using smart mirror in their retail store where people can see themselves wearing the new dress. The same type of smartness is used in beauty parlors and outside of retailer stores to enhance the experience of window shopping. Other ways are online shopping, mobile payment methods, coupons, and digital loyalty programs.

  1. Minimalist Approach

Another smarter approach in merchandising is minimalist approach.  A lot of businesses have adopted this approach in order to make their store more spacious and open. In this approach, the retailers put their best items on display rather than overwhelming infinite options. The customers put their whole attention towards the details of specific item. The retailers also put the minimum decorations and neutral background to enhance the feature of a particular item in the retailer store.

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