How to Create a Promotional Video for Your Product

Have you ever desired to make a promotional video for your product? No doubt, creating a promotional video is not an easy task and it also consumes much time. Video content can be utilized in several ways, from advertisements and social media posts to marketing sites and emails. It may seem complicated to create a promotional video for your product, but today we will be sharing 7 simple steps to make this task easy for you.

  1. Identify your objective

Before writing down the script of your video, it is essential to identify the objective behind it. Your goal must be crystal clear as video making can be costly. Many organizations make promotional videos for brand awareness, increasing sales, engaging customers or spreading product information.

  1. Select the tone

Tone is described as the general attitude or character of something. You have to create a feeling among your target audience. This feeling can vary from company to company that’s why the tone of your video can be dramatic, informative, humorous, conversational, inspirational, luxurious, or quirky

  1. Decide the duration

Most of the promotional videos have duration of 30 to 60 seconds. It’s up to you whether you opt for a short or lengthy video. It must be kept in mind that a lengthy video will require high budget and more efforts.

  1. Select the style of video

Till now, you must have decided the objective, tone and time duration of your video. Style of video is the next step. You have to decide how your video will look like. These days, several different visual styles of videos are used by businesses such as animated, real people, live action, live board, screencast or stock video. Combination of these styles can also be used to create a promotional video.

  1. Outline your idea

Now it’s the right time to outline the idea for promotional video. Focus on your objective and purpose so that you can have a clear idea. Think about the elements of your video. For instance:

  • Total number of scenes and the locations to shoot them
  • Total number of characters and their physical appearance
  • Addition of any text on screen to deliver a specific message
  • Addition of background music or someone’s voice
  • Appearance of the product in the video
  • Addition of props
  • Final message for viewers
  1. Write down the script

Every director or writer has his own style of writing a script. The key elements of a script include:

  • Scene number like first, second or third scene
  • Time stamp
  • The dialogue, voice over or audio
  • Description of each scene
  • List of characters
  • Location
  • Special props
  1. Film your video

Now it’s time to film your video by keeping all previous aspects in mind. Visit the selected location along with the cast, camera, audio equipment and lights to create your promotional video. After shooting all the scenes, combine them and edit accordingly. You can also add graphics, sound effects and music as per your choice. Your promotional video is now ready for distribution and marketing.

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