How to Differentiate Your Product

For a business, it is very important that one introduces a different and unique product to its customers. But in case, there is not an entirely different product then one should consider differentiating his/her product from his/her competitors. The same strategy is adopted by many retail stores around the world. Their product is same but they are presenting it in a different way. One cannot sell his/her product in a competitive market if there is nothing different in his/her product than the rest of the competitive products. Differentiation is really helpful if you want to get noticed. So don’t settle for blending in and let your product stand on the top shelves by differentiating through these ideas. Let’s have a look:

  1. Differentiate Your Product By Size

An independent business owner should try to differentiate his/her product by size. This seems the best and easiest way among all other. Once a person starts looking for something on the internet, he/she might write down large, small, medium size, which is your cue for sizing the product different than your competitor. If your competitors are offering in one size, then you must go for 3 types of sizes. Instead of using the words small, medium, and large one can use streamlined, slimmer, and lightweight, and heavy kind of words to make a powerful impact on your product.

  1. Differentiate Your Product By Branding

All things aside, one must need to do branding of their product in a different way than their competitors. For this, an entrepreneur might need a graphic designer expert to do the best job to differentiate the product amongst the crowd of competitors. It is not guaranteed that your product will go high on sales because what matter really is the quality and the name of the company for a product. For some products, just having the logo on a product can do wonders.

  1. Differentiate Your Product By Packaging

Well, the packaging is an important part of the products one develop to sell in the market. There is a range of packaging to choose from when it comes to your product. Although one must choose the packaging which displays the smarter choice and differences among the similar products. You can choose the texture of packaging like bottled packaging or the airtight plastic bag packaging whichever suits best for your product.

  1. Differentiate Your Product By Adding Features

Apart from the basics, there is another way in which you can differentiate your product by adding more features to it. It is like when you are making a slightly same dress; you can add pockets or lace, or use different stuff, and make it a better version of the same product. In case of food, you can add some different but related ingredients in your product. This way your product will be different and yet falls into the same category.

  1. Differentiate Your Product By Offering Bonus

In businesses like retail stores, grocery, technology, and many others, they have almost the same items in their stores but to make your product different, one can start putting a bonus on their products. This way your product will be noticed. You can also offer discount, bonus, or a buy one get one offer.


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