How to Market Your Product to Distributors

Distributors play a significant role in distributing a product in all those areas where the manufacturers cannot reach. Manufacturer designs and manufactures a product whereas a distributor sells it on behalf of the manufacturer. Therefore, it is important to formulate and effective marketing strategy for the distributer so as to increase the sales of a specific product. Here in this article, we will highlight 5 ways that will help you market your product to distributor.

  1. Analyze current sales

For developing a marketing strategy, first of all you have to examine the sales which derive from a particular distributor. Review and compare the outcomes from each of your crucial distributor. This will help you determine their performance on the basis of your existing marketing support. Also analyze other features of your distributors’ network like location, experience, size of business, closeness to customers and commercial relations with your rivals.

  1. Set priorities for marketing strategy

On the basis of your analysis, set goals and priorities for the marketing strategy of distributor. Prefer carrying out a marketing campaign for attracting new distributors if the existing marketing exposure is poor. If you find out that the distributor personnel lack market knowledge, then provide them training. Prioritize incentive programs and marketing support to your distributor if your sales are low as compared to your rivals. In this way, a business can increase its sales.

  1. Set sales objectives

Attainable sales objectives are a vital part of distributor’s marketing strategy. Establish a tiered structure to reward distributor network if it already involves businesses with diverse stages of turnover. Provide marketing materials, discounts or other benefits to your distributors in order to surpass their sales objectives. Set rewards with every new achievement so as to motivate your distributors. In this way, your distributor will try the best to accomplish the set objectives.

  1. Maintain standards

As already discussed, distributor provides a key linkage between your clients and business. It’s necessary that your distributor gives right support and service to your customers. A perfect marketing strategy must include programs for improving customer service and product knowledge. Provide product guideline and appropriate training resources to distributors’ staff. Do set standards for customer support and product knowledge resources that will allow your distributors to move up to the higher stages of tiered structure.

  1. Regular communications

Include elements for developing strong relations with your distributor channel. Appoint a competent marketing manager who will make efforts to develop distributor business. Manufacturers must demonstrate their commitment to their distributor channel. Regular communications program with the help of newsletters, face-to-face meetings and product announcements must be carried out for briefing distributors on market or product developments. In this way, your distributor will have a better understanding and dedication towards your business.

Final Verdict

Develop an effective and long lasting marketing strategy for the distributor if you want to increase sales of your product. These five steps will help you formulate the best marketing strategy. Follow these steps if you want to increase your sales and profitability.

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