Food products are items of daily consumption. They are massively sold because of the insatiable demand for them in the market. Food product range from snacks to cereals to several kinds – they vary with their processing and packaging. One feature about food product is variety. Variety is said to be the spice of life and this is displayed in food products. Due to allergies and reactions to food, several people can’t eat certain foods or take some fruits; they can however go for the one that suits them most. 

The producer’s job is to manufacture, plan the distribution chain, and to promote the product. It is vital that the producer has a well planned out way to promote the product else it may not sell. Some tips on how to promote food product are given below.

Participating in a food fair: a food fair would be an event where food products manufacturers would converge to market their items. A food fair is a very important event for the food product manufacturer as he introduces his brand to new persons and finds new markets for his products. A fair is not only to sell; it is a place to network. The networking opportunities with other producers are helpful as ideas can be shared on how to make a thing or the other work. People that would attend a food fair include food enthusiasts, retailers of food products, manufacturers of food items, and distributors in the trade. 

Direct marketing: this is basically marketing without the involvement of wholesalers, distributors or retailers. This is marketing directly to the customer – both present and prospective. Advertisement is to the general public but direct marketing works personally to the customer. It is the goal of direct marketing to reach out personally to the customer anywhere – at work, at home, on the road and any where possible. This operates basically with newsletters and mailing lists. The manufacturer creates a mailing list which is a large database for present and prospective customers. These persons have the freedom to unsubscribe at anytime whatsoever. The mails contain information on products, offers, promotions and upgrades. 

Advertisement: advertisement is prerequisite. Without advertisement, the average consumer product user wouldn’t know about a particular product. Advertisement can be done on social media or mass media. The social media advertisement is very helpful as it can get to millions for just a little fee. The over one billion users on Facebook can be directly advertised to. Mass media can also be very helpful as several people who may shun the social media may be reached via this platform. For instance, a billboard which could be digital, electronic or normal can reach thousands of pedestrians, motorists and many other road users in a day. 

Supporting events: being a sponsor or partner at an event gives the brand the chance to promote the product to several people at the event. It can help boost sales for a new food product.

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