Misconceptions About Retail

A lot of people are connected with retail stores in direct and indirect ways. Almost everyone goes to shopping in retail stores and they have many different opinions about the retail business. Almost everyone has a particular concept of retail business and some of them have the ultimate misconceptions about it. Here, we have gathered a few misconceptions that are really common in our society. Let’s have a look:

  1. Retail Workers Are Part-Time Only

Well, this one is a true thing that most of the times the retail workers are part-time only because they are mostly student who have other commitments like college, school, research, assignments, and many more things to figure out in a day. There are a lot of retail employees who want to do full-time jobs there but it mostly depends upon their managers who decide the shifts and timings.

  1. Retail Workers Are Uneducated

Plenty of people have issues with the young retail workers at the stores. According to them these retail workers are uneducated, care-free, and untrained. Well, this is slightly twisted by them as these people are trained but obviously it is their first job so they will have some time to adjust. On the other hand, average retail workers are middle-aged mostly plus 35 and around, and they know their jobs perfectly. They are pro.

  1. Salaries are Very Low

Although all part-time jobs have low salaries but it is just the small expense of the whole retail store and the profit of commission-based sales is distributed among the employees. They say that salaries are low to keep the prices of products low but that is not the entire story.

  1. Working in a Retail Store is Boring

A lot of people think that working in a retail store is totally boring because all you have to do is just stocked the shelves. But it is not only that as the restructuring in retail industry has changed a lot. A person can learn a lot of new digital and online shopping skills, marketing trends, and restocking the inventory. It is not boring at all; in fact it is so interesting.

  1. You Can’t Build a Career in Retail Industry

There is this big misconception in our society where people think that there can’t be a career in retail industry. It is absolutely lame. Although, at the startup, there are students and part-time jobs but they do promote within the house. There are also a lots of departments in the large retailer stores including sales, marketing, finance, supply chain management, human resource management departments etc. People can apply here for all kinds of jobs too. It’s just that they prefer to have somebody who has consumer experience. Even if you start as a retail worker, you can have great experience of management, leadership, working cross-functionally, marketing, and customer service which is a big advantage if you choose another profession in life. Retail business can teach you the best basics of a business at its best.

  1. There is No Growth Opportunity

Another misconception about retail business is that people think there is no opportunity of growth and learning in this line of work. That is not true as this industry hires the freshest millennial batch which brings the newest trends in the industry.

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