Say This When You Make a Mistake

We are humans and all the humans make mistakes, some make big,some make small, but the thing is they all do, right? You can either make it worst by using wrong words or make it much better than throwing the right words. Most of the people do not know what to say and do on their mistake. First of all here are some things you must NOT do at all in order to be confident despite the mistake.

  • Do not judge yourself. You made a mistake. So does everyone.
  • Do not scold yourself
  • Do not feel ashamed
  • Do not become a pessimist, remain an optimist
  • Do not think that you will only be known for your mistake

Once you keep these points in your mind and say things accordingly, trust me, you will feel inner peace.

Here is a list of 3 things you should say according to a specific situation to keep the situation under control.

  1. You made someone angry

It’s completely normal; anyone can get angry with you, with or without any reason. If you made someone angry and looking to keep stuff normal, start by saying:

“Hey! I realized that I did something wrong to make you feel this way. I was under some pressure and God knows what I said, but now I consider my behaviorwrong and ask for an apology. I will surely work on keeping myself cool in tough situations”

  1. You forgot to complete an important task

Still, humans are humans, they make mistakes and they also forget things, even the important ones. Suppose you forgot to complete an important task and don’t know how to deal with the situation, just be professional, accept your mistake and provide a specific time to your boss or even yourself for when the task willbe finished.

Here’s how you can deal with the situation:

“I’mreally sorry I forgot the deadline forProject XYZ, it was not an intentional mistake, and I do know how badit can affect me and the team. I can complete the work within (time you think will be easy for you deliver) and deliver it to you. ”

  1. You did something wrong that you can’t fix yourself

Not every time is easy, and you may requiresomeone’s assistance. If you did something wrong that cannot be fixed just by yourself, then face the reality and tell it to your supervisor by using a nice collection of words.

Take a start with:

“I did something wrong and realized it later that I should have considered the reaction before my action. I apologizefor it and will make sure it would not happen again. All I need is your (or someone’s help) so when is it convenientfor you to discuss the matter?”


It’s totally okay to apologize for your wrong doings, but you should not overdo it, as it might put a wrong impression of you on someone’s mind. If you made a mistake, accept it in heart and simply say you are sorry for it. You don’t need to give excuses and justifications at all, because it will only make things more serious.

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