Time to Pivot?

Every business that was once a startup and now a successful venture has undergone several crucial stages, and the key to success is CHANGE! Change until everything you once dreamt, comes true. No matter what business you are into, there are always chances of failing, but it doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world; there are still numerous possibilities that you can explore and become more powerful and better than ever before.

If your business also seems to fell apart and you don’t seem that interested in it, this clearly means you need to pivot, not only this, there are many hints that point towards bringing a change in the business, all you need is to understand that hint, follow it up, and act accordingly.

Let’s consider the example of the powerful social giant, Instagram, which started as Burbn, a mobile social check-inapp with different games, but the company noticed that the major user engagementis towards the photo-sharing featureand not towardstheir other core features. They could also lose all their hopes and put an end to that app, but you better know what they did, right? They pivoted and brought only that feature to the people and reached the higher levels of success.

Here are some things that once you start to feel in your business, consider it the time to pivot.

  1. Your Customers aren’t satisfied or they lack enthusiasm

Whatever we do in our business, at the end of the day, all it is to bring more and more potential customers, but what good is in the business that doesn’t bring customers satisfaction and enthusiasm? Most of the businesses run towards marketing their products before even testing them out beforehand, that lead towards their own satisfaction rather than customers’. So if you notice such element in your business, it’s the time you need to pivot.

  1. Market needs or trends are changing

It’s time to pivot once you feel that the trends are changing and people are demanding something different than what you are offering to them. If you keep on selling the same old stuff that doesn’t seem to interest people, then there are chances that you may face never-ending failure. Always remember, only a tree that is bent, producesfruit. So be flexible and get ready to change when it isreally needed.

  1. You are frustrated

Do you think your customerswould be happy with you if you yourself are frustratedwiththe business you do? Only the business, you are deeply interested in, touches success. Don’t lose your hopes if you are bored or frustrated, instead ask yourself these questions: “Why do I feel this way? Is this because of the marketing process or what? Once the real reason behind your boredom or frustrationis exposed, you would clearlyunderstand that it’s the time you need to pivot and do something about your business.

Always remember that youwill never get the time back that you are spending, so be sure to put your time into the right thing in the right way, so you can cherish its benefits later in the future.

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